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What we do

Write and 'polish' articles, mainly for our web pages: How-to guides, updates, and inner workings.

What we are working on

A constant flow of articles, brief or comprehensive, on any subject relevant to UBports, and transcriptions of audio content.

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Leading Members

  • Dalton Durst

  • Lionel B

  • Milan Korecky

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How can you help

You don't need to be a great novelist! Although we mostly work in English, we can usually translate. If you the hard work of outline and ideas, we will tidy it up for presentation

How we work

We keep it lean. Often one writer, one checker. For content, a committee approach doesn't work well but of course we debate subjects and priorities in a wider group.

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Where to find

Mention in <our general contact channels> that you would like to help and someone should quickly take you up on it.

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