How you can help

Here is a list of current needs in the community. Reach out to the contact listed for more details, or to show us what you got.

Marketing (Contact: joe[at] or Telegram)

  • Infographics: Anything Ubuntu Touch related

Writing (Contact: contribute[at]

  • Highlights: Short articles that summarize main points mentioned in Q&As, Audiocasts, and events (e.g. hackathons).
  • Deep Dives: Short but in-depth articles focusing on deeper topics from Q&As or Audiocasts. Expand the discussion, or give more background knowledge.
  • Transcription: Creating text versions or notes for Q&As and Audiocasts.

Media Creation & Editing (Contact: contribute[at]

  • Audio editing: cleaning up Audiocasts and other recordings. Upload Q&A audio.
  • Video editing: making sharable clips out of raw video content.
  • Graphics: designing Yumi images and other clip art for blog posts.
  • Website: editing static web pages, and reorganizing content.

Please see the documentation for further contribution details.