* It is close now! 
The board of directors and the Membership committee are in place now. Most important, the required documents has been sent to the local government in Berlin. It is a matter of time now, the Foundation will be raised soon!

1. Overview About

The UBports Community, or UBports UBports 社区 或 UBports 是根据德国法律(gemeinnützige rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts)成立的慈善基金会,其使命是支持 Ubuntu Touch 的协作开发并促进 UT 的广泛使用。基金会为更广泛的社区提供财务、组织和法律支持。它也作为一个独立的法律实体,社区成员可以为为其提供代码、资金和其他资源,并且知道他们的贡献将被用于公共利益。

The UBports projects are all freely available and usable under an OSI-certified Open Source license. (expect some device drivers etc)


  1. 帮助和推动 Ubuntu Touch 的协同软件开发;

  2. 鼓励 Ubuntu Touch 及其功能的开发,同时协调和组织软件方面的协作工作;

  3. 协助社区,同时捍卫其利益和发展的可持续性;

  4. Promote the use of Ubuntu Touch as solution for mobile devices; 

  5. Facilitate synergies, collaborations and fund raising efforts; 

  6. Actively collaborate on the definition of the roadmaps of new versions, features and their implementation.





  1. To ensure a high degree of quality in the Ubports projects in order to build and preserve the association “brand”. 

  2. To ensure the long term support and maintenance of the UBports projects and developments. 

  3. To provide resources for the UBports projects - eg. infrastructure, CLA, funding, legal. 

  4. To encourage the implementation of open standards and standards-based interoperability in the UBports projects. 

  5. To support the worldwide use and contribution to the UBports projects from the community via the internationalization of the software and community outreach. 

  6. To represent the Community’s opinion regarding the Ubuntu Touch roadmap, marketing and development strategies. 

  7. 推动业内开源软件的使用(不仅仅是联盟基金会) - 例如培训,推广。

  8. To organize members meetings to improve the collaboration and the knowledge of the UBports projects.


The UBports UBports 社区由以下创始成员于 2017 年发起:

  1. Marius Gripsgård

  2. Ricardo Mendoza

  3. Jan Sprinz

  4. Florian Leeber

  5. Ewald Pierre

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