What would be more fun than working on your own on a software project? Working
together with others of course! And that's what the Ubuntu Touch project from
the UBports Foundation offers. Our community is a place where an international
group of programmers, translators and designers work together building an open
operating system for mobile devices.

With attention to functionality, stability and privacy participants from all
over the world work together to build a world with more freedom of choice.

Together we fight on a virtual battleground to create the best operating
system.  We would like to welcome you as a member of our community. Will you
join in our efforts? 

In the UBports community we all stand together against the abuse of power by
several parties in the mobile market.  You too can have an impact and work with
us on an open source operating system that offers an alternative in which
privacy and freedom of choice play an important role.  Together we can make
a difference!
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