Making it possible to experience Ubuntu Touch in your language

What we do

We are breaking down language barriers by translating Ubuntu Touch system components and applications into a huge variety of languages. We help all groups in the community and technical folk who need our help translating the user interface components of Ubuntu Touch and its apps, so that more and more people can experience Ubuntu Touch in their own language. 

What we are working on

We pick up many tasks within the community. Continuously translations are required for clear and correct communication. For example: 

  • App translation (e.g. Telegram App) 

  • Website translations

  • Welcoming new contributors in their own language

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Leading Members & Contributors

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How can you help

If you are multilingual, you can help! No matter how much time you can put into translation, from minutes to hours, everything counts. 

We are looking for people who can help with translating: Q&A's, press Releases, articles, website content, etc.

We have documentation available to aid getting started with translations.

How we work

There are three common ways used to translate an app:

  • Weblate: A web based translation tool.

  • Editor: Translation is done by changing .po files with the editor of your choice, and a GitHub/GitLab account.

  • Team translation: We also have a Translation Forum to discuss translating Ubuntu Touch and its core apps.  


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