Monetary Team

Help us find UBports sponsors

O que fazemos 

Our team is responsible for finding additional sponsors. A corporate sponsorship of the UBports Foundation is a clear win-win strategy.
Supporting the UBports Foundation helps a corporation in three areas:

  1. It improves the brand perception of the organisation

  2. It allows these organizations to attract new customers

  3. It increases employee satisfaction

This means thinking about which per son or organization would be a potential sponsor for the foundation. As a team we share ideas of potential sponsors and discuss them with our contact within the UBports foundation.

Maybe a phone manufacturer who understands that you can contribute to the continuity of the software by donating a fee for every phone sold?

Or maybe an OEM using Ubuntu Touch software in their products who wants to sponsor with a yearly lump-sum?

Em que estamos a trabalhar 

We try to identify potential sponsors. This could be an individual or an organisation. 

Together with our contact with the foundation, we discuss priorities. Should we contact person X or organisation Y or investigate some branch within industry, government or non-profits?

Our work is vital for the ability of the foundation to hire extra developers and designers.

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Membros Principais e Contribuintes

Descobrir quem são os principais membros e contribuintes do grupo de trabalho

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Como pode ajudar

The Monetary Team is the first step to learning about the process of sponsoring. By following sponsors from the initial idea to a signed contract, you'll learn more about the financial side of the open source business model. Anyone can help!

Como trabalhamos 

We discuss potential sponsors and welcome new ideas. We engage with organizations who understand open source and want to contribute. We divide tasks among each other and follow up on them. "We say what we do, and we do what we say".

Onde nos encontrar

Contacte-nos por Telegram ou Matrix, to ask for more information if needed. 

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