UBports Supergroup - 0 to 500 in 3.5
A Little Group Just Became a Big Community


In just a few short months the UBports Telegram supergroup shot from 0 to 500 members

In early April 2017, Canonical announced they would drop the Ubuntu Touch (also known as Ubuntu for Phones and Ubuntu Personal) project and focus back on their core business competencies.  
Many of the Ubuntu community members and purchasers of devices that shipped with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed on them were not only heart broken but also somewhat despondent and confused, not knowing how they would keep their unique new smart phones alive.

On that day there were approximately 150 people in a developers group who were meeting on Telegram (a popular free software chat application supported in the Ubuntu project).  Although there had been subtle signs that something was 'not quite right' at Canonical, as soon as the news officially dropped into the media, the community was forced into action.  

Within days the original Telegram group reached its capacity of 200 members as users and developers frantically reached out for any semblance of community.  As a result of reaching the Telegram group's limit of 200, members created a new 'supergroup' which had higher limits.  Within just a week or two this new group had nearly reached 100 members.  Within the first month it had passed 100 members and was heading towards 200.  Consistently, week after week, and in just over 3.5 months, new excited and thankful members joined the group bringing it to where it is today at over 500 members.

We'd like to take a moment and recognize UBports Telegram member @Yordanocs for being the 500th member to join the UBports Telegram supergroup!  

The only question remaining is, "Who will be the 1000th member?"

Want to join the UBports Telegram supergroup?  Here's a link https://t.me/ubports
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