5. Board members

UBports Foundation

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors [or "BoD"] is the foundation's Board of Directors, the main administration of the foundation's projects and teams. Directors are directly elected by Community Members. The Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members and three (3) deputies. The Board of Directors may launch any other teams or committees ad hoc if necessary.

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Marius Gripsgård

Chairman of the Board

Hi, my name is Marius Gripsgard also known as @mariogrip and I’m the creator and main developer of Ubports.

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Ricardo Mendoza

Deputy Chairman of the Board


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Jan Sprinz

Member of the Board

As a Fairphone 2 user fed up with shitty Android UX and terrible privacy policies i've been following UBports since early 2016. I started to get more involved by contributing to the former UBports website, but nowadays my main area of contribution is project management and leading the QA team. I also do some high-level development, maintain a couple of apps on the OpenStore and participate regularly in the UBports Community Update.

I live in Munich (Germany) to study computer science at TUM, where I also work as a student associate for the chair of scientific computing.

Telegram: @neothethird - Twitter: @neothethird - Matrix: @neothethird:matrix.org - Mastodon: @[email protected]

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Florian Leeber

Member of the Board


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Ewal d Pierre

Member of the Board


Membership Committee

The role of the Membership Committee is defined in the Statutes

The mission of the MC is to administer membership applications and renewals following the criteria defined in the statutes
Membership Committee Members
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Dalton Durst

Member of the Membership Committee


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Diogo Constantino

Member of the Membership Committee


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Rodney Dawes

Member of the Membership Committee


UBports Members [Board of Trustees]

The following people have been approved by the Membership Committee as defined in our Statutes.

To become a member, you should fill in the Application Form, after having carefully reviewed the Statutes.  

  • Brian Douglass

  • Joseph Liau

  • Wayne Taylor

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