16.04 Ubuntu Touch Cultural Showcase
Show us your best

Let's Celebrate Community

Ubuntu Touch based on Ubuntu 16.04 is on its way! In celebration of the latest release approaching from over the horizon, we are hosting an Ubuntu Touch Cultural Showcase--a contest and celebration for the people who got us this far: you, the community.

The 16.04 Ubuntu Touch Showcase will gather the best creative works in our community and bring them to every Ubuntu Touch device near you. We're looking for images, notification tones, and ringtones that complement the Ubuntu Touch / Unity8 design and add to the "fresh" experience for users trying UT for the first time.

Winning submissions will be included in the Ubuntu Touch 16.04 install.

Contest Guidelines

Who can participate?

You! Any community member.

What do I submit?

Works of art (wallpaper, audio, video) that celebrates free culture and the Ubuntu Touch community.

When should I submit my work

Now! The contest will run until July 30th, when the best submissions will be voted on for final inclusion.

How to Participate

General Rules

  • All submissions must meet the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

  • NSFW content will not be considered

  • Submissions should have a human-language title and the description should give the artist's name

  • Submissions must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike or Creative Commons Attribution license

  • Submissions must be submitted by the author of the work

  • Submissions must be original work

Choose your medium:

  • Wallpapers

    • Exemplifying freedom

    • No watermarks/logos/text/signs

    • Both the clock and stats on the welcome screen should be considered, so that it doesn't clash with the UI

    • Wallpapers may be used in landscape or portrait orientation based on device

    • JPG or PNG format

    • E-mail submissions directly to [email protected]

  • Audio (test your audio on your device via the UT media player before submitting)

    • Notification Sound:

      • Duration: 3s max

      • File format: ogg or flac

      • Example notification provided by @wayneoutthere here: Noti Karingding

    • Ring Tone:

      • Duration: 10s max

      • File format: ogg or flac

      • Must be a loopable sound (repeats seamlessly from end to beginning)

    • Song

    • Upload audio to SoundCloud and tag with #ut1604showcase. Then e-mail us the link to [email protected] (do not attached sound files)

  • Video (should be playable on Ubuntu Touch)

    • Duration: no max

    • About Ubuntu Touch or Free Culture / Tell your story!

    • File Format: mp4 or ogv (Ogg Video)

    • Upload to Vimeo and tag with #ut1604showcase. E-mail the link to [email protected]rts.com (do not attach video files)

BONUS: Promote this showcase and submissions on social media using the tag #ut1604showcase

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Here's to 16.04 and our freedom!


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