Language & Translation

We translate basically everything regarding the UBports Community and Ubuntu Touch to reach more people from around the world.

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    Arabic   عربى
    Portuguese Português
    Spanish ESPAÑOL
    Italian Italiano
    Indonesia BAHASA
    Chinese 这里有中文
    Turkish TÜRKÇE
    Esperanto Esperanto
    French Français
    Russian Русский
    Romania Română
    Dutch Nederlands
    Catalan Català
    Korean 한국어
    Sardinian Sardu
    Scandinavia [Norsk/Svenska/Dansk] -

              What we do:

              We help all groups in the community and technical folk who are focussed on programming. They need our help translating the user interface components of Ubuntu Touch and its apps, so that more and more people can experience Ubuntu Touch in their own language. 

              What we are working on:

              We pick up many tasks within the community. Continuously translations are required for clear and correct communication. For example:

              • App translation (e.g. Telegram App)

              • Website translations

              • Welcoming new contributors in their own language

              What we need help with:

              In addition to the current set of tasks, we are looking for people who can help with translating:

              • Q&A's

              • Press Releases

              • Articles

              • Website content

              How we work:

              • Github po directory

              • Telegram for keeping in touch

              • Translation platform Weblate

              Join us:

              Do you think you can contribute to language and translation?

              Please reach out to us on Telegram or join your language team directly.

              Tell us who you are and let us know how you'd like to contribute.

              Please read some documentation on language and translation here


              Ready to devote a bigger portion to the project?

              Apply to become a  UBports Foundation   Language and Translation  Member!  @Flohack  is Board of Director for this focus group.