What we do 

The community steering committee takes care of community management. Turning users into contributors. That includes first-level technical support, managing community platforms like Matrix- and Telegram-Groups, and in general helping users feel welcome. Idealy in combination with the welcoming group. New Supergroup members must be able to find potential tasks to work on. The community steering committee also works together with the other teams to improve documentation, so that it's easy to understand and opens possibilities for new contributors. Above all this committee is responsible for keeping structure in UBports .

Community goals

  • Grow the community /  Recruitment for the UBports Foundation 

  • Make every member and potential member feel welcome

  • Directing interested new contributors to the suitable focus groups

  • Keeping track of new members and positioning them in the correct Focus Group

  • Keeping overview in the Telegram groups

Current members of the community team

  • Wayne Taylor (CSC Head)

  • Ewald Pierre (Rep. of the BoD)

  • Gideon White

  • Peter Nerlich

  • Milan Korecky

  • Diogo Constantino

  • Emanuele Sorce

  • Lionelb

  • Domas

  • Dalton Durst

Focus group

  • UBports First Responders Group (UBFR)


  • First Responder

  • Task Manager  (keeps an overview of vacant tasks of the different committees and manages the activities to find a suitable contributor)

Steering Committee keywords

Community Management, community support, platform management, community structure

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