What we do

The 'App Suite' steering committee drives the development of front ends and (graphical) interfaces, and coordinates community efforts in coherence with the UBports Foundation goals. It helps the community in establishing solid roadmaps for the community-driven projects, like the core applications, and ensure to provide valuable developer tools. It is also responsible for the overall user experience and the design of our Unity desktop environment. Last but not least, it holds the relationship with external app store services.

(OpenStore is affiliated with UBports, but is not a UBports project)

App Suite goals

  • Make requested (web)apps available in the Open Store

  • Create new apps (time period will be specified)

  • Find a maintainer for every app in the OpenStore

Current members of the App Suite team

  • Brian Douglass (ASC Head)

  • Vacancy

Where to find 


  • Application maintainer

  • Web app programmer

  • App builder

Steering Committee keywords

Core applications (including the support, toolkits, sdk, store)

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