Ubuntu Touch @ Ubuntu Party Paris
by cm-t arudy

An Ubuntu Party to Remember

@arudy not only joined the Ubuntu Party in Paris, but was at the center of attention as well. At the booth he showed what real convergence brings to computing.

About the event:

'Ubuntu Party Paris' was a 2-day event held in Parc de la Villette in Paris. On May 26th and May 27th there were talks, get-togethers, booths and more. Interested in the program? Please visit https://ubuntu-paris.org/. Throughout the event, French Ubuntu enthusiasts and many other motivated visitors showed up to share and enjoyed their passion for the beauty of Open Source projects and development.  

Odoo CMS - a big picture

    So did @arudy. As a member of the UBports Community and Ubuntu-fr local team, he organized an Ubuntu Touch booth which stimulated great conversations and spread the word.


    On both days, the Ubuntu Touch booth was very popular. With the big screen as an eye catcher, combined with the enthusiasm and UBports story to share, many visitors followed the route to @arudy's table.

    Armed with a BQ Aquaris m10 FHD, Nexus 4, bluetooth keyboard and touchpad, it was easy to start conversations and keep them going. This setting gave us the opportunity to showcase the strength of Convergence. ('Yes, the Nexus 4 works well on Convergence, that old piece of smartphone :)'. There were more interesting conversations than we expected. Convergence proved itself to be a topic of great intrigue once again. A selection of the best responses:

    📱🖥🖱 "Wow, it's a phone that powers that screen?"

    ⌨🖱 "Is it a laptop, wait, a tablet?"

    📲 "Can I install it right away?"

    Odoo text and image block

    We even had some people with a compatible device who came by just to have Ubuntu Touch installed on it. The UBports Installer is really simple and it just works how it should. It was an awesome experience to get them started and gather more Ubuntu Touch fans.

    Special thanks to @arudy, @tr4sk (ubuntu-fr volunteer) and the organization for this opportunity and activity. We are looking forward to hearing about the next events.

    Spread the word and stay tuned

    During events and other happenings we shared updates, pictures and much more. Please spread the word. 

                                Ubuntu Touch lock screen
                                and Circle Message app