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General Updates

There are still a couple of issues blocking OTA-4. The Update of FP2 firmware in OTA-4 and carrying over app updates. Are still work in progress.

Browser fixing has held up the development of app updates.

OTA-4 is going to be a developer preview. It will be called stable but is a test release. You can reinstall or you can change your settings in updates. We will explain later how to do that.

All supported phones can be updated. If you take no action, you will later jump from OTA-3 to OTA-5.

Florian has been working on languages. Ubuntu is working with languages and that upstream has affected us. This has now been explained by David Planella. The benchmark is 70% translation, which is a high bar. Even if we had 100% translation we would still struggle to incorporate it. Now we are testing with a few languages to see what we can do.

50 packages including Unity 8 are not in Weblate, and we need to bring those in. We are also updating our server. It will be able to incorporate machine translation services. Unfortunately, some of these services cost money, so we may have to spend a bit.

Translating all shell tools is probably beyond us at the moment.

Sardinian language is now in the image. Just a beginning with that. Don't ask when it will happen! It is quite challenging. Translators are welcome. We have a group - UBlangs. Please volunteer.

Simon Quigley is packaging Qt5.11 in Cosmic and into Mir and Debian. A vast task.

Thank you to our sponsors on Paypal, Liberapay and others. And the business sponsors: Digital Ocean, Private Internet Access and Smoose. The latter sponsored Dalton to travel to Europe.

We could move to just audio? What do people think?


How about an area to buy and sell Ubuntu devices?

Lots of people have asked. There are legal ramifications we don't want to get into. There is XDA plus Swappa, eBay etc. If someone wants to set something up independently that is fine.

Person to person deals are fine of course. Telegram can be used, or otherwise the forum. Point to a sale point external of UBports.

Contact X for information is basically okay.

How do you use Libertine scope?

Swipe up from the bottom and you can add libertine (Desktop Apps) to your scopes, which means you can show your apps in that. You can make it a favorite.

Why is 15.04 redundant if 16.04 is not fully functional?

The answer is that OTA-4 is a transition. OTA-5 is a more permanent change.

15.04 will not have any future security updates. Do not stay on it.

libssl and ssh are the vulnerable areas. You need the upstream, so you need 16.04. Every package is crammed with security updates.

Can we keep pre-installed apps e.g. Firefox in Libertine?

The BQ M10 came with a few preinstalled apps in a project called "puritine". This took up a lot of space on the image and the apps could only be updated by updating the system image. We don't want to be restricted to that, so we will not be shipping apps by default.

We could make it easier and faster to install those additional desktop apps. That would be a better way.

What is the status of UT on Halium?

Nekit has got 16.04 working on 7.1 again, on some CAF phones.

Done by using a different Mir and a new libhybris. We want to incorporate those later but 'old' devices will not be able to handle that. OP5 OP3 Nexus5X should benefit from that new fix.

We should be able to create a new channel which supports these 'new' phones.

Again, OTA-4 has to come first. All this when we get time.

Can the use of my Matrix chat be incorporated in the splash circle.

The developers could add the api. So it can be done. The documentation is not great but ask around and a senior developer can probably help.

The circle can be switched off in settings. Security and Privacy setting.

Any plans to support RCS?

It is a carrier service. At the moment there is no support. Anyone is welcome to help out. The standard is very wide, so it is not just one thing it is a big cluster. Not widely used? Not known in Europe? Tell us more? If it was in Ofono, it might come.

UT cannot get alert messages in the Netherlands. A similar issue. In Norway, two-factor security for government stuff.

There was an article about not going to 18.04 yet.

That is true but as we update Mir, libhybris etc it will be easier to go to 18.04, but we may jump to 20.04 anyway.

Playing with systemd we can work experimentally with either. It won't be a stable distro move though.

Arch rootfs will advance us too.

Are Libertine bugs being targeted for OTA-4 or OTA-5?

It will be on OTA-5. The Nexus problems are probably not going to be fixed by OTA-5 though.

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