Ubuntu Touch Q&A 27
Todd Weaver, CEO of Purism


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Show Notes

What is Purism?

Purism is a social purpose corporation. We bundle together hardware and software respecting users rights to privacy and security. The business model allows us to only make money on selling hardware, as the software is completely free.

What is the Librem 5?

The Librem 5 is a 5.5-inch mobile phone that is built from scratch without Android. Usually carriers have complete control over device, cpu and baseband, which is necessary when starting from scratch. Each piece of the device is broken down into modules. The Librem 5 uses the i.MX 8M processor. 

What does the partnership with UBports mean for Purism?

The collaboration will give us a broader user-base. More communities will be interested in our project because of the diversity and options for the user.

How are the relationships with Phosh or KDE plasma mobile different?

Phosh: primary investor   
Plasma Mobile: ensure support on Librem 5   
UBports: ensure support on Librem 5

Are you on track with where you thought you'd be right now with the Librem 5

Ahead in a number of areas (shell, on screen keyboard)

Dev kits: on track for late delivery (system on module)

How libre is this stack?

Right now it's completely libre.

Other Specs

* USB-C video out
* Headphone port
* 18/9 Ratio
* Larger battery
* Kill switches: mobile, wifi/bt, cam/mic, or one master switch

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