Ubuntu Touch OTA-3

The UBports Project is pleased to announce Ubuntu Touch 15.04 OTA-3. This update brings a number of new features and bug fixes to the Ubuntu Touch platform.

You can get Ubuntu Touch using the instructions on this page.


  • Remove ubuntu store from app scope
  • Add various small packages on community request
  • Change default startpage and search provider to Duck Duck Go
  • Keyboard does not show up when working with multiple windows

Global bug fixes

  • Repeated DNS requests for dash.ubuntu.com removed
  • Switch devices to UBports push server
  • Add support for Nextcloud to account plugins - Only works with Calendar for now
  • Date/Time is at default value (year 1970) on every boot
  • Integrate OpenStore into system-setting
  • Add support for X forwarding over ssh
  • Enable autocompletion in the terminal

Security fixes

  • Patched Krack
  • Patched Blueborne

Nexus 5

  • Fixed Front Camera Image get 90º rotated right

  • Fixed: power button 3 times to wake up the device if automatic brightness is enabled

  • Fixed: Low Audio on speaker mode and stuttering

  • Fixed: Notification LED has no function

Fairphone 2

  • Added support for new camera module
  • Added support for new display module

BQ m10 FHD

  • Fixed long boot time

Nexus 4

  • Fixed Bluetooth paired and trusted devices not stored
  • Screen doesn't wake on power button, but does after screen touched

Meizu Pro 5

  • Fixed Everytime the device restarts, the cellular connection is set to 2G

Android Apps on Ubuntu Touch with Anbox