Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 Release

The UBports project is excited to announce the immediate availability of Ubuntu Touch 15.04 OTA-2.

This is a huge release for the Ubuntu Touch platform, bringing new supported devices, new features, and many bug fixes. We have also been working hard on automating our build process to enable releasing these updates faster.

New Devices

With this release, we are officially supporting the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi only). Users of these devices will find that they can install Ubuntu Touch 15.04 using the UBports installer, as noted later in this blog post.

Installing the update

If your device is currently running OTA-1, you can update right now by opening System Settings and tapping Updates.

If you own one of the supported devices running Android or Canonical's version of Ubuntu Touch, you can install OTA-2 using the UBports installer, downloaded from here.

New Features

New features that will be useful to users of Ubuntu Touch include:

  • Flashlight toggle in the battery indicator (For Qualcomm devices only, due to closed-source Mediatek drivers)
  • A generally overhauled version of the OpenStore
  • Updated boot spinner
  • Optional custom backgrounds for scopes (the home-screen)
  • Ability to switch release channels from the system-settings
  • The calendar can now sync with generic CalDAV servers
  • Display changelogs for stable OTA updates

Bug Fixes

We've also fixed a number of bugs.

  • Fixed camera and video playback on Oneplus One
  • Fixed autobrightness on Oneplus one
  • Added aethercast (miracast) support to Oneplus one
  • Fixed issue that caused browser to crash when phone was connected to external display
  • Fixed camera permission issues
  • Fixed Nexus 5 battery display issues
  • Fixed Nexus 5 mobile data
  • Fixed GPS on the Nexus 5
  • GPS performance improvements
  • Some changed links in the system
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Many updated translations thanks to our volunteers over at translate.ubports.com

Thanks to our volunteer testers, we're confident that there are no regressions introduced by this update. If you spot a new issue anyways, please report it on our bug tracker.

Thank you

This release is yours just as much as it is ours. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to UBports projects in the past three and a half months. You're helping us create a beautiful, free, and open source operating system.

If you want to help support the UBports Project with your time, check out our Get Involved page to get started. If you'd like to contribute a monetary donation, you will find the Donate links at the bottom of every page on this website.

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