Subconscious Computing

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      Wayne (out there) & Joe (in here) put the convergence debate to bed and open a can of worms to the future...

                                In this episode:

                                • Culture: Do UK people make fun of Canadians?
                                • Culture: 'and more'
                                • The Convergence Forum Post - go there.
                                • Wayne confesses Joe influenced him on a topic.
                                • Joe is torn between cool and goofy on the new NexDock crowdfunding thing announcement
                                • Wayne & Joe discuss pros and cons (again) about this device
                                • The 2010 multi-function convergence-like device has been around a while - this topic ain't new
                                • Are we innovating stuff from the wrong perspective? We may be basing our ideas of technological innovations based on past and present.
                                • Back to the Future and Minority Report. Yeah. Those movies...
                                • Has Joe become an Old Linux Guy (OLG)???
                                • Are we trying to fix stuff that isn't broken?
                                • Wayne concludes the only thing missing is a dock and a box.
                                • Markdown Talkdown: why can't we format a text document with speech-to-text?
                                • Where is innovation needed: backup and security
                                • Joe hit Wayne with a Eureka Punch:
                                  • Conscious: Screen, keyboard, dinging apps, phone ring, etc
                                  • Subconscious: backups, redundancy, sharing resources
                                • Metal As A Service (MAAS)
                                • Wrist watches: a great way to get addicted to looking at your hairy wrist...and also tell the time!
                                • Here's an idea: Let's make smartphones... smart!
                                • Should we hack the phone to match society, or hack society to match the tech?
                                • Freedom of choice is key, but do we have a healthy choice now?
                                • Don't you dare stop Wayne's pipe-smoking!
                                • Can community help members make better choices?
                                • The power of convergence is that it allows the reduction of development from multiple environments into one - just one. How much money/time would this save?
                                • Joed's nice convergence article

                                Action Items

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                                Interview with Jan Sprinz
                                About the forthcoming foundation status for UBports.