Ubuntu Touch Matters

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they discuss the big picture of computing freedom.

                                Show Notes

                                • New intro song!
                                • Wayne & Joe recap 2018: Joe Trains, Wayne refrains
                                • Wayne has a good explosion of techiness: nextcloudpi, zsun card reader mesh hack
                                • Wayne plugs OpenWRT and creates OpenWRT telegram group
                                • Wayne brings up yggdrasil mesh project
                                • Wayne/Joe try to guess the meaning of the impossible-to-read-and-pronounce name. Turns out it's just a norse pagan tree god...
                                • Why mesh network?
                                • We need a people-owned internet so a small number of corporations don't own our communication
                                • Wayne touches on ability for people to spy on internet cables
                                • Ubuntu Touch is important because...
                                • Even if you free up your software and hardware, you still have a compromised network that you run it on...
                                • Three key mesh network projects to remove ISPs from the earth! Serval Mesh, OpenWRT, yggdrasil
                                • Ubiquiti long range wifi extenders are even cheaper than Wayne thought!
                                • Even if people 'cared' would they actually do anything? Or is a 'life event' required?
                                • Keyboard Cursor Trick
                                • Is the fear of change greater than the motivation to improve?
                                • In free software, which comes first? The software or the hardware?
                                • Nice quotes to end the day:
                                  • "Not enough people" - Joe
                                  • "The problem within all the problems is... the people....and the fall of humanity." - Joe (and Wayne)
                                  • "The easiest diet is the one you have right now" - Joe
                                  • "We need to keep hanging around the right people." - Wayne
                                • New outro song!
                                Why I am fan of Ubuntu Touch OS!
                                For me the reason is easy.