Brian Douglass - Community Interview

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they interview Brian Douglass.

                                Show Notes

                                • Brian Douglass is in the house

                                • Brian pronounces Ubuntu incorrectly but Joe and Wayne let him for this episode (only)

                                • The many "UBparts" of Brian Douglass:

                                • Brian the person: Family, babies, apps, developer by day and ... oh yeah.. married!

                                • Uappexplorer (the old OpenStore website) came out of his inability to explore apps without a device in hand

                                • Uappexplore was not the former name of the OpenStore

                                • OpenStore history explained

                                • "Tweak Geek" historical name of Ubuntu Touch Tweak Tool (UTTT) - ... we like the new name better...

                                • Canonical recognizes and uses Brian's Uappexplore since it was so solid (a nice nod to Mr. D)

                                • Brian recounts his programming path and gives some advice to new and upcoming programmers

                                • Brian - no love for Java. Brian - yes love for Python

                                • How do the programming languages relate to each other?

                                • Wayne's doing Python with Learning Python the Hard Way

                                • Brian - yes love for javascript and why

                                • Want to take the hard road with Joe? Learn C!

                                • Livin' the Dream - A day in the life of a professional programmer

                                • Setting work/life boundaries and the importance of taking this action

                                • Confirmed! Womb-programming was not performed on offspring!

                                • How did Brian find his place in the UBports community?

                                • Brian's hopes/dreams for UBports

                                • Joe does useful documentation and Brian gives him a nod. Joe is Bri-Approved!

                                • Brian leaks a 'secret' related to the dash/scopes

                                • Brian confesses he is not 'dogfooding' Ubuntu Touch

                                • Fairphone 2 gets plugged... again!

                                • This phone bloks video gets everyone excited

                                • Convergence talk!

                                • Why modularity is important (screens, glass and other pain)

                                • An example of an organization fighting for the right to repair your own purchases is Ifixit

                                • Why Wayne has not made an app and what he hopes to do

                                • Is vibrant community perhaps 'the thing' that is really the reason behind the UBports success so far?

                                • Brian "In-line" - the name has stuck!

                                • Git!!!!!

                                Action Items

                                • Go research all of the programming languages discussed in this audiocast and see what other opinions are.
                                • Start learning a programming language if you haven't already, but ask others for advice about which one is best for your personal goals
                                • Find an inspiring app in the OpenStore and find out why you like it.
                                • Find a professional developer like Brian who doesn't like their job and ask them why.
                                • Watch the phone bloks video and let your imagination run!
                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now right now (before you forget or your passion fades).
                                • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com
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