Converging Stuff

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they discuss professionals, converge-ables, and more!

                                Show Notes

                                • Are software engineers 'real engineeers'? Should they be?
                                • Will technologies like self-driving cars help push more accountability in software development community?
                                • What's our character makeup and how is it impacting community?
                                • Joe uses baby-making as a sneaky tactic to push his convergence agenda on Wayne
                                • Over-balanced (new word!): to care too much about things being balanced
                                • Is your fear of conflict keeping your mouth shut and doing the right thing?
                                • How can we solve stuff?
                                • Communication: The problem. The Solution
                                • It's important to be able to make a decision: wrong or right
                                • Wayne throws Nymea app out there as a good example of a well designed Ubuntu Touch app
                                • Fish can die! Guinea pigs can fly! ... And toy cats can poop!
                                • Wayne hints that Mr. Brian Douglass may show up on UTA one day
                                • Ubuntu Edge inspires Wayne's "Snappy Converging Thing" modular Edge thing (photo?)
                                • Wayne plugs System 76 laptop, Fluffy Chat again and sneaks in a raving review of Guitar Tools
                                • Both the Innards - and the Outards (new word!) - of stuff matters
                                • Fairphone2 can be purchased now and is both functionally and ethically well-matched for Ubuntu Touch
                                • Ubuntu Touch Audiocast listener, MrOkkieP, makes a convergence video for us! Check it out here
                                • Pronunciation of Ubuntu Touch Audiocast "UTA" revealed: oooo-tahhhh!
                                • Prediction time: which hardware company will get behind Ubuntu Touch?
                                • Git!!!!!

                                Action Items

                                • Go to the Open Store and try out the apps we talked about here

                                • Check out (at least) the convergence video above to get inspired so you 'get it'

                                • If you didn't start last time, start learning a programming language. Python, C++ and QML are three big ones for Ubuntu Touch development.

                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades).

                                • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com

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