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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they discuss the 'hard' topics relating to software choices, community interaction, and self reflection...

                                Show Notes

                                • Joe-In-Here's favourite music production software LMMS
                                • Why are they talking about Eternity Frogs again?
                                • Problem printing PDFs in Ubuntu lead to a big question: What is Real Software?
                                • Bonus tip: Did you know you can just drag/drop a PDF onto Firefox page and have it fully work without dedicated PDF viewer software? Try it now!
                                • Do we have 'software allegiances' that fog our vision and decision making?
                                • What is the 'hard road' and why are we on it?
                                • Wayne-Out-There in full hypocrisy pronounces 'Guh-nome' as 'Nome' (with silent 'g' ). Grace required!
                                • A shout out to our only email fanmail "Ian Locke". Thanks, Ian!
                                • Is the Ubuntu Touch Audiocast (UTA) 'worth it'? You tell us!
                                • Even though GIMP software is awesome, some people dare say 'it's not professional'
                                • Wayne destroys this mindset using Blender and Nextcloud as examples (and raving about them)
                                • Take the high road while on the hard road.
                                • Don't force your proprietary file types on me and
                                • while we're at it - don't force your proprietary charging plugs on me.
                                • ...and, for good measure, don't force your social networks on me, either.
                                • Joe-In-Here leaves WhatsApp alone in the corner
                                • Veganism-software analogy
                                • Wayne fails again by saying 'two factor authentification' instead of 'authentication'. Will there be enough grace left for this hypocrite?
                                • Joe-In-Here takes a physical hard road so he could get a concussion while doing things like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race
                                • Wayne and Joe reference a great talk about 'Lego Poop' by Cory Doctorow
                                • By using an app or a proprietary ecosystem you are supporting and even endorsing it
                                • The first step on the road to recovery is to shut down accounts for such services. This article tries to make this task attainable
                                • "90's linux guys": a history of the topic
                                • By being an 'Old Linux Guy' (OLG), you are isolating yourself from the greater community...
                                • Upcoming (and young) Developer Stars? Ivan (@vanyasem) and Simon (@tsimonq2), Dalton (@UniversalSuperBox) , Jan (@neothethird)
                                • Can we fix the 'weird branding' that often accompany OLGs?
                                • Joe-In-Here confesses his social awkwardness
                                • Is Linus Torvalds an OLG? Read about his social awkwardness here
                                • The Ubuntu 'we are all one' seeks to make all things more 'human'
                                • The UBports community wants to be welcoming to everyone - not just OLGs - 'Grammy can help, man.'
                                • How can we reconcile OLGs with non-OLGs - to 'Team Human'
                                • Wayne plugs System 76
                                • Still saying Ubuntu wrong? Fix it with Joe-in-Here's Ubuntu Touch app
                                • While you are learning to say Ubuntu correctly, while you are working hard to build our community, we have a call-out to help!

                                Action Items:

                                We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com

                                Ubuntu Touch OTA-5
                                The next release is here!