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                                Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) as they discuss internet safety, the future of chat, and how you can make a difference.


                                "The best place to throw your digital organics."

                                Show Notes

                                • The beginning, broken humanity @dohee mentioned
                                • "NOAH" Weather App
                                • Bad apples (see photo above)
                                • Joe said a big word without a definition: Misanthropy
                                • Public digital un-education: when was the last time you saw a course on privacy for the average person?
                                • When the family jewels get kicked, maybe then they’ll care about privacy.
                                • Murder stats: Most murder victims know their murderers
                                • Poutine
                                • Murder Weather Apps
                                • First step: get off of iOS and Android
                                • Second: limit use of known perpetrators
                                • Joining the ‘dark side’ (ie whatsapp): others will see that you are willing to compromise and it sends the wrong message
                                • Matrix – not the currently easiest but possibly the best marriage with Ubuntu Touch.
                                • Ubuntu Touch featured Matrix client: Fluffy Chat
                                • Ubports.chat – nearly-ready matrix server ‘like having your own telegram server’
                                • How about 5 minutes? @alangriffiths mention
                                • @amolith sends the email in response to the call to action
                                • The European vote on ‘copyright’ and ultimately becomes censorship

                                Action Items:

                                We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com

                                Ubuntu Touch Q&A 36
                                Status Update