Nested Bunny Trails

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                                Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) as they discuss the Ubuntu Touch destination, types of people, and ways of the future...


                                SHOW NOTES

                                • It's not IoT; it's ToI: Things on Internet. "Toys"

                                • Quote 1: "Convergence is a goal, but it's not a destination."

                                • Joe made a secret roadmap that no one can see.

                                • Root of the word destination

                                • Quote 2: "Convergence is a destination, but it's not the destination."

                                • Boogie Board vs Boogie Board/Body Board

                                • Drunken Sailor

                                • Labels of Ubuntu People: Ubuntu Frozen, Ubuntu Cold, Ubuntu Thawed, Ubuntu Smokin'(aka Ubuntu Pushers)

                                • Ubuntu Touch marketing requires a high level of education component

                                • Taco Talk

                                • Nothing to Hide documentary (English Subtitles)
                                  / French Subtitles

                                • What do Guinea Pigs and android/ios users have in common?

                                • Is the next cool thing Matrix?

                                • Will Ubuntu Touch run your next... barbecue?

                                • The Drop (2016 Canonical )

                                • The Catch up (from the Drop until the Start)

                                • The Start (OTA4 16.04 release - right now)

                                • Quote 3: "Always be thawing"

                                • The Audiocast Nested Bunny Trails CODE:

                                    #include <destination.h>
                                          int main() {   
                                              printf("TOIs: Things on Internet");
                                              BoogieBoardBunnyTrail() {
                                                    printf("It is like an etch-a-sketch but digital");
                                                    FruitPhoneBunnyTrail() {
                                                    printf("Telecom causes friend's phone to reboot without consent.");
                                                    UbuntuFriendlyPeople() {
                                                        switch(ubuntu) {
                                                            case 'f':
                                                                printf("Ubuntu Frozen: Doesn't even know what it is.");
                                                            case 'c':
                                                                printf("Ubuntu Cold: Has heard about it as a type of Linux.");
                                                            case 't':
                                                                printf("Ubuntu Thawed: Knows Ubuntu and uses it.");
                                                            case 's':
                                                                printf("Ubuntu Smokin': The Ubuntu pushers.");
                                                    printf("BoogiePorts: Yumi sticker is good branding.");
                                                        DinnerTableBunnyTrail() {
                                                            printf("Kids don't like Google listening to them.");
                                                            WifeUnboxing() {
                                                                int Gmail = PersonalEmail + PGP;
                                                                int KakaoTalk = Anbox(KakaoTalk);
                                                                int GoogleMaps = uNav;
                                                            prinf("Chat apps are key to OS success.");
                                                            MoviePlug() {
                                                                int YouTube = PeerTube;
                                                                PeerTube("Nothing to Hide");
                                                            printf("People are starting to develop technological cultures.");
                                                            char *forbearance = "Deal with somebody who is hard to deal with, and show them grace.";
                                                            printf("People like to stay in jail because it's familiar.");
                                                            if ( Matrix == NextCoolThing ) {
                                                                int chat = Matrix;
                                                            else {
                                                                int chat = TacoTalk;
                                                    int BoogieBoard = BodyBoard;
                                                printf("Are TOIs making us less social?");
                                                printf("We need to make Ubuntu Touch and option for TOI interfaces.");
                                                int erface = UbuntuTouch;
                                                return 0;

                                Action Items:

                                • Watch Nothing to Hide documentary (English Subtitles), and share it with someone.
                                • Discuss this Audiocast in the UBports forum now with this direct link
                                • If you can read the code above and see why it fails, then chances are that you are a developer, and we want you to get in touch with us! wayne[at]ubports.com or joe[at]ubports.com
                                • Where else can you "thaw" out your life?
                                UBUNTU TOUCH AUDIOCAST 034 - BOTTLES IN THE OCEAN
                                What are you putting out there?