An Ethical Exposé

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                                Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) as they discuss electronic ethics, tricky travel, food fads, and more!


                                Show Notes

                                • Wayne gets books!

                                • The 'welcome and install room' is more important that we thought! https://t.me/WelcomePlus

                                • A perfect marriage?: Fairphone 2 and Ubuntu Touch

                                • TMF (the Mutual Friend) appears again!

                                • Foxconn suicides versus Fairphone ethics

                                • Fairphone - branding fail?

                                • Are people even searching for an alternative OS at all?

                                • It's time to start reading the labels on other things in your life, not just food products.

                                • Marketing UT as 'non GMO'?

                                • Will there be 'one event' to push people to better tech choices?

                                • Are we in the 1950's with smoking?

                                • There is a large education component to marketing

                                • Seeing people enjoying Ubuntu Touch (like their new car) is key to marketing

                                • One mainstream device by manufacturer could be 'the key'

                                • We must have the choice. There must be the 'freedom fighter'

                                • It's a call-out to devs!

                                • 16.04 cultural showcase - the results are near! The results are dear!

                                • Hey, before you 'git' make a local community!

                                • Mentioned today: @universalsuperbox @ricmm

                                Action Items

                                • Find one thing that you can inspect closer in your life. Maybe it's a product, or even a person. Find out more about the real backstory.

                                • Reach out to someone that you know and tell them about Ubuntu Touch. See if they know a developer that can help with Ubuntu Touch or Dekko 2.

                                • We want to meet you. Contact us through any means. Tell us who you are and why you love Ubuntu Touch, or where you are willing to help. (wayne[at]ubports.com)

                                • Reach out an hug someone. Show someone you know that you appreciate them.

                                • Discuss it on the forum

                                Contact: wayne[at]ubports.com and joe[at]ubports.com

                                Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Release