Idioms, Anti-Patterns, and Future Dreams

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                                Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) as they discuss idioms, community anti-patterns, and what makes us uniquely human.


                                Show Notes

                                • Raising the Bar

                                • It's pronounced "mir" like "fir ... tree" ?

                                • The absence of fighting is not real peace; it's just the absence of fighting.

                                • Smell my finger - why we are attracted to wrong things

                                • "That's noise and I don't want it" - The Mutual Friend (TMF)

                                • Wayne B 40

                                • Man made computers in his image

                                • Cold turkey and cold communities

                                • Community Anti-Patterns: Cookie Licker

                                • Ungeeking the brand - quality people doing quality things (UBports)

                                • Pipe tobacco from Advocatux - Brand is W.O. Larsen from Copenhagen

                                • Dekko2 team fired up to collaborate

                                • Closed-source people

                                • First step on the roadmap is to make the roadmap (roadmap, roadmap...)

                                • "Have a chip as the converged device" - TMF

                                • Mentioned this episode: @advocatux , @Stereofont, @alan_griffiths, @dohniks

                                Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

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