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                                What's going on with 16.04? Why can't we just skip to 18.04? Is Telegram the best choice? What are some key items to take UBports and Ubuntu Touch to the next level? Join Wayne and Joe and find out answers to this and more...


                                Show Notes

                                • How to greet an adult if you are 8 years old
                                • New shampoo "Xenid & Vivial"
                                • What are '16.04 backlogs'?
                                • Make a choice for release names and system: Animal names or not.
                                • Why can't we just skip to 18.04?
                                • "Testing Weeks" - a new way to release Ubuntu
                                • Long Term Support (LTS) explained by Joe In Here
                                • Why 16.04 is so important as a milestone
                                • OTA-4 briefly explained
                                • A brief history of Telegram on UT and its role in UBports current success
                                • Wayne out there accidentally says that Dutch group has active and successful Telegram group when in fact it was the German group...
                                • Telegram has been great so far but is it the best tool for the future?
                                • What makes a messaging tool important for community growth and success?
                                • If we change the UBports core messaging/communication tool, what features or aspects should we be looking?
                                • Federation (and stuff)
                                • UBports needs a strategic hardware partner
                                • "It's my way or the Huawei" - Wayne Out There declares 'no hope for Huawei'
                                • Foolish old warehouse man schooled by 8 year old.
                                • Searching far and wide for the best kind of suffering
                                • A good gauge: What could a converged UT device do in terms of daily performance?
                                • Amazing gaming phone... or convergence phone
                                • Mentioned in this episode: @amolith Discuss this episode on the forum

                                Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

                                Stable OTA-1. Halium is Heating up, Convergence Works!
                                June 14th 2017