What are we really made of?

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                                Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) as they eat more community elephants in the room such as accountability, delegation, leadership, personal issues, and more...


                                Show Notes

                                • Fleas and Formication

                                • Manstruation

                                • Everyone is Winging it

                                • The tug of war between structure and freedom

                                • The Fibonacci sequence in nature

                                • Can the cycle itself be the leader?

                                • Has UBports solved a lot of problems that the former Canonical regime couldn't?

                                • Examples of some recent blog tutorials: Lock Screen, uWriter, Terminal

                                • Let’s discuss "what is core?" on the forum

                                • Is the community a body and does the body need a head?

                                • Is rebellion against authority a hindrance in this and other projects?

                                • Are bad leaders from our past hurting our current progress?

                                • A shout out of thanks to the UBports Marketing Group

                                • Do we need new technology to help our communications?

                                • Can Matrix (e.g. uMatriks and Fluffychat for Ubuntu Touch) become our answer?

                                • “I love you” - there, we said it.

                                • Mentioned in this episode: @amolith, @universalsuperbox, @mariogrip, @bhdouglass, @Lakotaubp, @advocatux

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                                Ubuntu Touch On-Screen Keyboard (OSK)
                                Keyboard tools, settings, and adjustments tutorial