Less Lurkers. More Workers!

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                                Join Wayne and Joe in this episode of the Ubuntu Touch Audiocast, where they freely discuss groups, subgroups and do a major call out for action.


                                Show Notes

                                • Thanks to @DiogoConstantino for introducing Mumble

                                • Mumble - cool open project for audio

                                • Wayne (out there) thanks Smoose for the generous N5 gift

                                • Reggae theme song to Wayne Out there's missing N5

                                • Jan in the middle attack (JITM) (@neothethird)

                                • Unity8 development heats up

                                • Blog post about how to install Unity8

                                • Should the focus group come before the captain or captain before the group? That is the question...

                                • Church as example of community

                                • Is sub-grouping happening for convenience/efficiency or for division?

                                • The Serval Project (mesh networking)

                                • The Serval for Ubuntu Touch Telegram Group

                                • THREE CORNERSTONES OF UBPORTS:1) Halium, Anbox and Unity8

                                • Nextcloud 'Decks'

                                • Main UBports Telegram Supergroup with 1300+ people while News Channel has only 500+ subscribed

                                • Five kinds of Community member

                                  • The Users (I want my phone to work)

                                  • The Power user

                                  • The Contributor

                                  • The Foundation Member (https://ubports.com/community/ready-to-join-us) (Page location may change)

                                  • The Lurker (silently watching - doing nothing - no communication)

                                • Wow to get involved: email [email protected] or [email protected] or ask in the main English UBports Telegram supergroup

                                • One day we'll create a page that shows everyone...

                                Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

                                UBUNTU TOUCH NEWS DESK 180304
                                Ports, Halium, and more