Ubuntu Touch Audiocast 004 - Packin' Screen & Middleware


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Another insane for your brain audiocast of @wayneoutthere and @exar_kun. In this episode, they're discussing the essence of translations within the community, how they can improve their ratings and how they can improve the audiocast. Recordez-vous Français?

They love feedback & compliments so give them a ping on Telegram!



  • 00:46 Opening: Recordez vous français? 
  • 01:40 This is an educating & entertaining Audiocast 

  • 03:00 What went wrong last week?: Pronunciation 

  • 04:25 UBports Audiocast ratings are down? 

  • 05:45 Winning over new recruits with a sonic boom 

  • 08:47 Fan-Stats-sticks: 600 Members on Telegram & Germany on a winning streak 

  • 12:56 Day 2 Day Community: How does translating work? (a Weblate intro) 

  • 24:45 The DuoLingo effect; translating and learning at the same time 

  • 27:25 Keeping languages standardized on the UBports Forum. How?

  • 34:10 Speaking Tech-lish: Audiocasting, help and suggestions

  • 35:25 The unique set-up: Audacity, Jitsi into a FLAC, Mp3 

  • 44:10 What is MER and MIR? A sandwich story 

  • 54:40 Feedback sessions: Convergence & Halium 

  • 56:07 Convergence, the next step in Computing

  • 58:00 Apple is going to hate it. Google is going to hate it.

  • 62:50 Convergence concerns: What about the data? 

  • 64:00 The first step, stripping multi-devices down

  • 65:40 Why are we so concerned about losing control of our data? 

  • 68:38 Starting Human Convergence. UBports is our best chance 

  • 71:00 Spinning the wheel of comments

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