Ubuntu Touch Audiocast 003 - Camel and a Boombox


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@Wayneoutthere & @Exar_kun ...and we don't stop.  In this episode you'll be hearing updates on convergence, learning more correct pronunciation, and figuring out where we all fit into the UBports project.  And, of course, you'll hear the epic story of the Camel and the Boombox....

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  • 00:28 Mongolian throat singing 
  • 01:56 Introducing the brand new mascotte: U-Me, the UBports Robot

  • 03:30 Sith Lord Joe

  • 05:11 What went wrong last week?: wrong viewing stats

  • 08:18 MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: We can play fishy shooters on Ubuntu Touch :D 

  • 10:20 Halium, nobody cares. If we didn’t received any reactions, we are claiming that the explanation that we gave is the just one

  • 13:10 Pin-za-Ryu, Prince Darius and Dalton Durst and Mr. Quigley are buying me coffee! 

  • 18:08 Fan-stats-tics: Current Telegram Supergroup Member-count; 590. 

  • 19:10  Stats.ubports.com is awesome! Look it up te be updated on all UBports statistics

  • 25:10 Speaking Techlish: Marius Gripsgarden, The Americans and sharing WiFi with Penguins 

  • 28:20 Is it Unity, Yunit or You-Nit? And what does it do?

  • 29:30 What in the world is a kernel? Low level thing that communicates with the hardware….ish? 

  • 32:07 Libertine, in the supergroup. What is Libertine? Made for Ubuntu, it allows you to run desktop apps on a mobile device…ish?

  • 34:50 Convergence. Are we closer to our ultimate goal? Joe talks about Marius and his new Station Dock 

  • 39:14 Net Neutrality, what can UBports do and is a Serval project approach needed? 

  • 44:20 How are we doing with the money? The current 600 members can contribute a huge deal with minimal energy 

  • 48:20 Give us our own Camel and a Boombox 

  • 51:40  Ending… NOW GIT OUTTA HERE!!

Ubuntu Touch Audiocast 004 - Packin' Screen & Middleware