UBports Newsletter #3
March 23th 2017
Looking back at MWC '17

It has already been a few weeks, but the MWC in Barcelona was quite an event! It was great to see that countless visitors were interested in our booth and the story behind UBports and our project "porting Ubuntu to the Fairphone 2". People were not only interesting in the combination of Ubuntu and the Fairphone 2, but also in the story behind this device. To emphasize Fairphone's story we disassembled the Fairphone 2 many times. We also had quite some media attention.


MWC has been great - What's next?

The MWC has formed a great platform for the visibility of UBports, its message and initiatives, with the port of Ubuntu for the Fairphone 2 in specific. We noticed that journalists wanted to hear something different than the usual topics like IoT, intelligence and VR/AR. This exposure will help us find new projects and more co-developers who can help us.

Additionally our members have actively been networking to find sponsors and new projects. More information will follow, but we already can share with you that potential new ports are possible.

So, overall we can say that UBports’ participation in the Mobile World Congress 2017 has been valuable. But what will be our next steps? How can we maintain our internal bond, make support for new projects possible and keep the spirit around the Ubuntu phone alive? Read more about our next steps here.

Interview Fairphone: From Supporters of a Dream to Owners of a Product
Februari 22th 2017