UBports Newsletter #1
Februari 22th 2017
Hi all, 

We want to kick-off this first newsletter by looking back at the progress we've made in our project: porting Ubuntu Touch to the Fairphone 2. We went from a non working boot to drop-wise working features; audio, wifi, rotation, video. It proofs the big commitment of our group and the belief in a mission of having an honest Ubuntu phone. And now... we can make a call. Thanks for your incredible input, people! Let's push this to a daily driver! Now let's explain the role of Smoose in this project and talk about the upcoming event: Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Smoose introduction 

Everyone who’s involved in the ports within UBports knows by now that the company Smoose is actively trying to help to push the ports forward, Ubuntu Touch for Fairphone 2 in specific. But why does this company feel so committed to help this Ubuntu community? And exactly what role does it want to play within UBports? Smoose is an open source company in the Netherlands. We provide open source FOSS solutions for SME's in the area of office automation. We are motivated by the belief that free transfer of knowledge and software is fundamental for free markets and freedom of people. Smoose is part of the holding Monkey Tail and we also have a shared goal with our sister companies: to provide SME‘s a complete open source business suite with tools such as Ubuntu, LibreOffice, Odoo, Zimbra, Jitsi, etc. Click here for more info about Smoose and our role in this project.

Follow us on Twitter: @smoose_nl

UBports Newsletter #2
Februari 24th 2017