Road to OTA-2
Help us testing our next update

Help us testing OTA 2

It's been a bumpy road, but OTA-2 is finally close to release.

After all of the technical difficulties and blockers of the last month, a final release candidate has just landed on the 15.04/rc channel. Due to the delay since the last update, we were able to work up quite a list of features...

  • Initial Release for Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 WiFi
  • Flashlight toggle in the battery indicator
  • Display changelogs for stable OTA updates
  • Updated boot spinner
  • Ability to switch release channels from the system-settings
  • Optional custom backgrounds for scopes
  • Added backend support for generic CalDAV servers to sync the calendar

...and fixed some long-standing bugs!

  • Fixed camera and video playback on Oneplus One
  • Fixed issue that caused browser to crash when phone was connected to external display
  • Fixed camera permission issues
  • Fixed Nexus 5 battery display issues
  • Fixed Nexus 5 mobile data
  • Fixed GPS on the Nexus 5
  • GPS performance improvements
  • Some changed links in the system
  • Updated translations

You made this possible

At this point, a big thank you to everyone who made this release possible is in order. Thank you to our sponsors Smoose, Private Internet Access and Digital Ocean. Thank you to 203 patreons and community supporters donating a total of 1,943$ (Wow!) every month. Thank you to everyone who continuously contributes time and knowledge to this project, and everyone who did so in the past.

We're all standing on the shoulders of giants, and you are the ones making this release possible. You are keeping Ubuntu Touch alive.

Thank you!

Help test the new update

We need your help to test the update on all devices. To organize Quality Assurance, we created a testing plan that users can follow on their devices. If you want to install the rc channel on your device, please download the plan and follow the instructions to make sure no performance or feature regressions are shipped.

If no critical problems are found, we're looking to release the Update on the stable channel by Saturday September 23.

For testing of future updates we also want to create a new QA team. If you're interested to help and you want to work closely with the developers to make Ubuntu Touch better, this is the time and place to start! Testing is a great way to start contributing to the project. Since it doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge, but still offers a lot of learning opportunities, it can be a gateway task to easy development tasks.

Happy testing everyone!

Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 Release