Is Ubuntu Touch Dead?
Januari 6th 2017

With news that dawned recently we’re expecting an influx of people joining our IRC to ask if we’re going to quit porting Ubuntu Touch now that it’s been announced to be dead.


Also, it’s not dead. Read this article over at Phoronix for a better look at the issue. Basically, Ubuntu Touch is just going to be rolled into Ubuntu Personal, the Snap-based version of Ubuntu. We’re going to start working on this as we have time, but it’s very experimental right now.

Canonical is trying to focus their resources on Snaps, Unity 8, and Mir. We understand this and are not at all upset. It will bring the project forward as a whole.

In other news, you guys should check out the Ubuntu Touch bountysource. You can find our tracker here. There isn’t much there yet, but I for one find merit in having it around.

From the FP2 community, we also have a video showing our ability to place a call from a FP2 over GSM! Check it out here!

That’s about it for today. Ubuntu Touch is not dead. Come get in touch with us at #ubports on Freenode or the forum if you have any questions!

-Dalton (UniversalSuperBox)
UBports Newsletter #1
Februari 22th 2017