Contest: International Love Your Pet Day
And the winner is ....
Last Tuesday (20 Feb 2018) was International Love Your Pet Day! As you couldn't forget your pet at home, we also had to celebrate and honour our favourite Community Mascot-- YUMI the UBports robot.

We started a competition: post your best photo, film or other creative YUMI content online and tag it with #Yumi. The winner will get a one-of-a-kind UBports Hoodie or polo.

Thanks for all of your replies, but let's get to the winner!

And the winner of the 2018 International Love Your Yumi Contest is ...
Odoo image and text block

A Yumi Pixelart by @MBBdev

MBB won the contest for the creativity, effort, and positive portrayal of our beloved mascot.

 Thanks again for all of your replies, and we hope to see you during the next contest.

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