September 16th 2017

Looking for the Audio-only version of the Community Update?

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The only piece of content you should have been listening to at 1800 UTC on September 16, 2017 was the 12th UBports Community Update. Just in case you weren't, though, we like to write recaps of what happened.

If you'd like to listen in to this episode of the Update, you can find it on Youtube here.

Thanks to our sponsors and patrons

We might sound like a broken record at this point, but our sponsors and patrons are the driving force behind the project. Our Patreon is so close to reaching our goal of $2000 a month - enough that we'll be able to get an ARM server that can build the biggest and baddest of packages in mere minutes.

Because you support our work, travels, and equipment expenditures, we're able to bring you a great mobile OS.


OTA-2 final builds are in the RC channel

We'd love to write a huge blurb about OTA-2 here, but it turns out that Jan has already done that! Check out the blog post Road to OTA-2 to learn all about the new update and how youcan help us bring it to everyone faster!

If no critical (read: the phone is immensely less usable) bugs are found by user testing by Saturday, September 23rd, the current build in the RC channel is UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-2.

Ubucon Paris debriefing

We had a great time meeting all of you and discussing Ubuntu Touch at Ubucon Europe.

There's just too many names and too much excited rambing going on in this section of the video. We just can't do it justice in a blog post. Guess you'll have to watch it yourself!

We're going to Ubucon Germany

As if we couldn't have enough events, we're going to have a small presence at Ubucon Germany in Wolfsburg. If you're coming around, let us know so we can say hi!


Where can I get news about Ubuntu Touch on Halium?

Well, right here! This blog, especially with the Community Update posts, is a great place for Halium and Ubuntu Touch news. Alternatively, join one of our chatrooms and ask any questions you may have.

(Developer content ahead!) As for the Halium news for this week, Marius has managed to get 15.04 images somewhat working on Halium. The largest issue is that Mir doesn't run, which requires some patching to libhybris. Someone in the community has compared the differences between upstream libhybris and Canonical's fork to provide a patch that shouldadd the required Mir support.

Another issue that Halium is running into is not working correctly on devices that come with Qualcomm's modified version of Android, known officially as "Android for MSM" and unofficially as CAF. Running Halium on these devices requires a rebuild of libhybris, as well as any OS components that dire tly interface with it. In our case, that's Mir.

What will you do with scopes?

This is a meritocratic community. If the people contributing (especially app developers) want scopes to stay in the OS and develop compelling options for the platform, they stay. As it is, though, there is a very interesting (working) home screen concept that takes the best of the aggregation scopes like Today and puts them right in front of you. Since it's working, it has a lot of weight in our decision making process.

If you have an idea for an overhaul to Scopes and can get the support from others to get it developed, we'd love to see it.

Will you relax app confinement?

App developers would love it if we did, but the security minded among us take pause at the idea of completely relaxing confinement. We'll have to strike a balance between the two.

How are you changing the design of the core apps?

Community developers are trying to bring them more in line with the rest of the system in most cases.

Purism phone questions

People are excited about the Purism phone and want to know what we think of it. We answered the same questions in the last Update.

September 30th 2017