#47: U Can't Touch This
Ubuntu Touch Audiocast

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      Wayne (out there) & Joe (in here) discuss the dropping the Ubuntu Touch name, bounties, and more!

                                In this episode:


                                Wayne's mic wasn't setup right, he knows it and he's sorry. Forgive and move on.


                                • Wayne / Joe try to talk about personal stuff and technical stuff to see how that flows...

                                • Ubuntu 19.04 brief chats. Is it better to do fresh install or the scary upgrade?

                                • Can we make side money with our personal hobbies?

                                • What is this question and how do you answer it : "What do you do?"

                                • A community member (@hummlbach) has attacked the Audiocast! Gasp!

                                • So what about this name 'Ubuntu Touch' and ... is it the right name?

                                • New question: Is 'Unity' a better name than 'Ubuntu Touch'?

                                • To answer Wayne's question, the Unity game engine is this maybe.

                                • Timing is now to fight harder for our project:

                                • Librem5 having challenges: phone still not delivered...

                                • Pinephone looking good as a nice starter

                                • Wayne pushes in his endless cry for a for-profit and related company

                                • German group in Matrix dedicated to business ideas around UT

                                • Three areas Wayne has isolated as potential for-profit areas:

                                  1. Hardware
                                  2. Device hardware/software support company for corps
                                  3. Parent's and kid's phone
                                • Sales angle is always 'the most secure'

                                • Joe: "selling safety as a brand"

                                • The UT ported devices are aging - we need a new player device urgently

                                • Current best options for hardware are, perhaps:

                                  • Fairphone
                                  • Pinephone
                                  • Librem (maybe)
                                • Can we community-fund little chunks of code we need? Here is a possible workflow for a 'Bounty System':

                                  1. Community identifies a need that we all agree is 'critical', or, there are 10 people willing to verbally pledge $50 (for example)
                                  2. A developer (or developer) steps up who is both able and willing to get the job done in ___ (period of time)
                                  3. The very specific need is announced to community with all details on the page
                                  4. A 'funding period' begins and is heavily marketed until financial goal is reached
                                  5. Code writing begins
                                  6. Joe's idea: money decays over time if you go past agreed deadline without reason
                                  7. Developer is still not 'alone' and can access community but is ultimately expected to hit deadline
                                  8. Developer is paid when code delivered to community
                                  9. Can multiple people race to the bounty?

                                App Talk


                                • Wayne and Joe approve each other

                                • giiiit!!

                                Action Items

                                • CHECK THIS HELP-WANTED PAGE! CLICK THIS

                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades).

                                • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com

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